CSC Homework Club Description

Homework Club is open to students who have siblings who are enrolled in an Elective class,  Success Academy, Fast ForWord or Middle School office hours.  Staff kids are also able to be in Homework Club.  

Our Homework Club runs from 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM, giving students a great opportunity to get a jump start on their homework.  If a student is done with their work, we ask that they be respectful of others who are still working. We will have books available for them to read or they may do a quiet academic activity.  

We have limited space in the classroom so if a student doesn't have a valid reason for being in Homework Club, we will kindly ask them to head to the office to call home. 

 Homework Club is not designed  for students who need tutoring.  If your child is in need of extra tutoring or help with homework, please contact the child's teacher.  Thank you!

Ex: Sibling is in an elective, Success Academy, Fast ForWord, etc.
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